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Remedial massage is a form of massage therapy that helps to relieve pain and promote healing of damaged tendons and muscles. It is a treatment that goes straight to the source of the problem and heals both the cause and the symptoms. Through special techniques the body's own healing mechanism is stimulated to bring about healing. A number of sprains and strains can be helped with remedial massage. It stimulates the blood supply, helping it to remove toxins from the muscles and thereby bringing about healing. It helps to ease stiffness and soreness and promote deep relaxation by reducing muscle tension. It promotes flexibility and ease of movement. Remedial massage can help relieve conditions such as sprains and strains, back and neck pain, shoulder injuries, sciatica, arthritis, fibrositis and fibromyalgia.

Book now through the "Make a Booking" link, or contact us with any of your questions regarding booking in a stress and tension relief massage, remedial massage, sports injury massage, deep tissue massage, or reflexology session with a professional, qualified, and highly recommended massage therapist in Peregian Springs.

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